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Reading on mobile and other online devices

The way people consume online content differs significantly from traditional reading habits. Skimming, which leads to reading only about 20% of the content, is the primary reason for this behavior. However, this isn’t surprising; different mediums lead to different reading approaches:

Medium Dictates Reading Behavior

  1. Medium Variety:
  • Different platforms like news apps, Twitter, emails, or web pages are consumed differently.
  • The nature of content and where it’s presented affects reading habits significantly.

Skimmable Content Structure

  1. Headlines:
  • Primary focus points for readers to gauge relevance.
  • Effective headlines create the initial connection with the reader.
  1. Bullet Points and Lists:
  • Secondary checkpoints for relevance.
  • Easy-to-follow lists engage readers quickly due to their scannability.
  1. Text Formatting:
  • Bold text serves as the final tier for scanning.
  • Helps highlight essential information for skimmers.

Enhancing Engagement with Scannable Content

  1. Chunking Text:
  • Breaking content into smaller segments aids readability.
  • Utilizing headlines, bullets, and bold text enhances readability and interaction.

Understanding the F-Shaped Pattern

  1. Reading Behavior Analysis:
  • Eye-tracking studies revealed consistent reading behaviors.
  • Users generally follow an “F” pattern while scanning web pages.
  1. F-Pattern Components:
  • Horizontal Movement (Top Bar): Initial scan across the upper content area.
  • Second Horizontal Movement (Lower Bar): A shorter scan below the first movement.
  • Vertical Movement (Stem): Scanning down the left side in a systematic or quicker manner.

Understanding these patterns and structuring content accordingly—through concise headlines, lists, and formatted text—improves engagement and comprehension for online readers, acknowledging their tendency to skim and scan rather than read thoroughly.

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